Divorces and Family Court Proceedings


We offer services for all types of matrimonial and Family Court proceedings:


  • Uncontested Divorces (from $750.00 plus court filing fees in Kings County. Prices vary for other counties. Please contact our office for more details)
  • Contested Divorces (retainer on an hourly rate)
  • Separation Agreements (from $1,000.00)
  • Family Court proceedings (hourly or per appearance rates): 
  • Custody/Visitation and other matters

As of October 12, 2010, NY State Law was amended to add “no-fault” divorce grounds, which effectively ensures that a divorce will be granted as long as residency requirements are satisfied and equitable distribution (financial) issues and other issues involving minor children of the marriage, if any, are resolved.

[This is an important development to the extent that, in the past, defendant parties could delay or even derail and stop their spouses from obtaining the divorce, resulting in instances of couples living separate and apart for many years but still bound together by marriage]

Nevertheless, in many cases, properties need to be split, spousal maintenance may be sought, custody, visitation and child support, if minor children exist, must be determined. That’s where experienced attorneys come in.

Our commitment to our clients is unsurpassed. We strive to educate our clients about the complexities of matrimonial law and highlight the different options that may exist, always with a view to achieving the most optimal outcome.